Pantheon Vape Lab, Review

                So with all the discussions on the web about Pantheon Vape Lab, I just had to go see for myself.  I found Pantheon Vape Lab at 118 east McKinney Street, Denton Texas 76201.  They have a nice spot right on the corner of N. Austin St. and E McKinney St. and I found me a parking spot in the back with a short walk around the side. The building has a nice antique look to it. Upon entering the door to Pantheon Vape Lab, I was immediately greeted by two men behind the counter with a,” welcome to Pantheon anything we can help you with.”

                I replied that I was just looking around and began to stare at all there displays of legit authentic mods, atty’s etc.

Everything I could see was on the up and up. The displays where clean and everything is well placed with each category of different style of mods, rda’s and rba’s in their own little sections. The shop was unique , most shops I go to have the Head shop feel to it, I almost feel embarrassed to walk into shops like this, hoping no one thinks im going in to get more papers or bongs today. Instead Pantheon Vape Lab was Vintage in style. The sales room was like a jewelry store nice and classy. The lounge area was relaxing, natural colors and a laid back atmosphere. Image     

So I found what I was looking for in the far left corner of their display case, in the sales room., mechanical Mods and rda’s/rba’s.  I pulled out my trusty Chi you mod taking a vape and this began another line of dialogue with me and now I realize the owner Guy Taylor.  Mr. Guy recognized my mod and was impressed that I used and abused it as long as I Had. I told him I was in the market for another one, but had been very happy with my Chi. And incidentally that my mod had been dropped a few times and was suffering falling apart, as well as my spring on the button was due to be replaced again.  Guy Taylor is kind of the bud you never knew you had, normally when I’m being questioned about a beat up junk, which is why I bring it, I get immediately pressured sales tactic that makes me uncomfortable, but Guy was not that kind of well uh guy.  Instead he began to tell me things I could do to improve my old mod and even began to try to fix my mod there on the spot for me. We discussed magnets new contacts, never once they just trash that mod there and get a new one.  Which  I have heard before.   After quite a few minutes he discovered that in fact my mod was trashed pretty well. I got a fist pump for that, I felt proud like I wore a medal of honor for the day. I did decide to get a new one after all though for those of you that might be wondering.




Well while I played the vape budget game, Guy told me to go relax, take my mod and enjoy the bar while I figured out my budget. Vape Juice bar that is.* throw in Beverly Hill Billy’s theme song here please*    Upon walking into the juice bar area I noticed a nice couch to the left of the bar and sat down to have a private moment to make notes about my experience up to this point,


I noticed that my phone wasn’t getting quite the connection I wanted to check my face book out while I enjoyed my Tomberry Cheesestone, on the new chi you. So I turned to the juicetender and asked if they had wifi, and of course they did.  He quickly gave me the info and off to the web I went. Now you may think this would be a meaningless part to a review on a vape store, but this actually meant a lot to me. Not only was I able to sit and relax, but I was able to go there without the constant hassle of is there anything else we can show you today, would you like to try this juice that juice etc.. No instead I was allowed to actually relax and enjoy my vape. Reminded me of the days when I would go to a cigar lounge and just relax. The people of Denton truly are lucky, to have a fine establishment. Yes I’m jealous.



Below is an Interview I did with Guy Taylor that I found to be insightful on his goals for the future of the vape community and how he feels about his shop. This was done through a chat service online.




Tc Vape Reviews -Do you have a moment or two, to tell me about your store and what kind of gear you are focused around?


Pantheon < Mr. Taylor-



we are just a small town shop with a taste for high-end gear


we will cater to the new convert as well as the embedded enthusiast


from egos to Hellfire’s


from store brand to premium juice


with a lounge that has comfy seating and big screen TVs


Game systems, coffee and beverages



Our goal is to elevate the local vaping community, and introduce things that are normally inaccessible to the everyday vapor, we don’t promote clones, and we do promote authenticity


Tc Vape Reviews -Your store brands are creations, done in store or offsite?


Pantheon> Mr. Taylor




Clean lab


Food grade


Tc Vape Reviews –  Nice. What ratios do you provide on the house blend pg/vg or can the user select their choice.


Pantheon > Mr. Taylor –



Pre-bottled in the clean room


Waterproof, UPC labels


We are gearing up for the FDA regulation


Tc Vape Reviews – Nice, that’s great to hear, I hope more shop owners do the same.


Pantheon> Mr. Taylor –

As I mentioned…we really are trying to elevate our community and bring a little more legitimacy to what we do, one step further away from glass bongs and rolling papers.


Tc Vape Reviews – That’s my goal as well to educate and get the word out that we don’t have to be rolling hipster’s that anyone can become a vaper. I don’t want this to be trendy I want vaping to be the alternative. Your equipment ; do you have displays that customers are allowed to play with and new units in the boxes?




Patheon > Mr. Taylor –

On the high end stuff that is a little tough to do…when we can, we absolutely will offer the “in the box” option over here is the item in the case that you will receive.


Although it is sometimes unavoidable with the one-offs


Entry-level stuff





Tc Vape Reviews – Understandable, inventory overhead must be difficult on high-end products.


Pantheon> Mr. Taylor

it can be, but with the right connections, we still do okay


Tc Vape Reviews-If i was to come in and look and entry level products say i was a smoker currently, what would you recommend as my first ” starter kit”?


Pantheon> Mr. Taylor

I always lean toward a vv “kit”


in our particular case, Innokin


unless they are a light smoker then the LED non-variable


again, in a kit


This is where both he and I ran out of time for the night, but after this interview I did visit his store without his knowledge of when I would be coming nor did he know what I looked like to try to persuade this review in anyway. Ultimately you will have to take my word on this. Or Just go see for yourself.  


I hope more Vape store’s take the lead from Pantheon Vape Lab, and create and elevate the image for us “ vapers”.  So as a community of Vapers with all the trials and tribulations that are coming our way with new restrictions, we will be taken seriously and not just as a group of young kids with new toys.


Do look forward to a review on the Chi you I got from Pantheon.

Thanks for you time guys





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